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From: Hot Fudge Sundae (
Date: 10/03/96

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:

>    Nice idea - we could set up a #circlemud channel or something.
>    Anyways, I am willing to help online, although I lose patience
>    when someone asks 'so, how do you create a new spell' and has
>    no idea where to start - this just shows, IMHO, that they have
>    not looked at the code enough.
>    I know that when I first started, my C coding was a mere translation
>    of my pascal knowledge - but I got by by looking at the code and
>    studying it - which I spent a whole heap of time doing.
>    Anyways, if it shows that they sort of know where they are at, but
>    are stuck at several spots, then I will gladly help.
>    Horus, 5000

I believe that is where the bot would come in handy.  The biggest problem
with that, is Efnet doesn't allow bots, unless you ask specific
permission from the server admin.  I suppose if the bot has a purpose a
server admin will allow it on the server. allows our service
to run a bot in #Trivia but the sole purpose of the bot is to ask trivia

I would be more than happy to have one of my IRC clients sit in a channel
and I could possibly have it serve as a dcc get client, for my computer is
already set up to send files on a whim, and set up to be an FTP site.  The
only problem with that is the fact that I am currently using just a 14.4
connection temporarily, instead of a 28.8 and this client is only up and
running when I am home. It is usually up and running all night long in IRC

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