EXP Problems

Date: 10/03/96

Has anyone noticed any problems with the EXP in
bpl 11? I just opened for beta and I have players
complaining about the exp.

1) Say a mob is worth 2000 exp and is lev 8. No matter
what level the character is that kills him, they will
only receive a fraction of that amount. ( I think it was
like 343 for that instance)

2) When grouping, for example, two 8th level chars kill
a mob that gives each player 4K exp. Strangely, when one
of the players kills that same mob solo, they get 16K

Is this normal, and can someone please tell me how the exp is basically
calculated. I have look through the code, and am still stumped.

Also, what exactly does the prot from evil spell do? I know it sets a
flag, but how does it helpthe player against evil mobs?


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