Re: EXP Problems
Date: 10/03/96

You wrote:

> Has anyone noticed any problems with the EXP in
> bpl 11? I just opened for beta and I have players
> complaining about the exp.

Hey Dude,

	I'm an long time C coder who's a newbie Circle Mud coder. I'm
altering my stock bpl11 now and I think I saw what's concerning you. In
fight.c I believe is the code for determining exp from kills, group split,
etc. For some reason the base exp from each mob is divided by 3 
( base = GET_EXP(ch)/3 ) and then runs it  through some other factors like
difference in level, etc. So I'm not suprised you're like getting wasted
exp numbers. Check out the formulae they use in fight.c and change it to
your liking man. Also note that they got an exp gain from each hit giving
Levelmob Times Damage dealt in points, which in my Mud will give like up
to 3000 exp points per hit- not cool for my scaled system. Since I
eventually plan to allow pk but discourage it, I think I'm gonna have to
set a clause....

if (!(IS_NPC(ch)) base = GET_EXP(ch)/100;

so that when a 20th level char get's pk'ed his 7 million  exp doesn't get
calculated in where normally a 20th level mob in my game would be assigned
20,000 exp!!! There are always the max exp gain caps, but I'd prefer 
not to max them everytime a player get's shish kabobbed. Still, even with
the factor of a hundred division the kill benefit will be more 70k, more
than 3 times an equivilent mob kill, so maybe I outta fiddle some more.

Anyway, code on man!


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