Re: [Code][Newbie] A Few Starting Questions

From: Raf (
Date: 10/03/96

> (i) I can't rent. It says quit, which means Char's drop everything. How /
> where do i can that?
Have a look in config.c and see if there is something that relates
to wether a player has to rent for free or not. If this is set to NO 
then u just have to quit and your items will not be dropped.
> (iii) I don't think my syslog is working ... can someone give me an
> example of how to record into the log when something important happens 
> (eg self deletion). Running through some code, there are plenty of mudlog
> entries but my syslog file is always 0 bytes with nothing in it. It only
> prints things to the dos shell

To get everything logged, you have to be running the autorun script, 
and alot of the stuff would be in the log directory.

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