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Date: 10/03/96

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Cyanide wrote:

> when I use CCYEL on my mud, the color comes up a brownish orange, I want
> yellow! ..anybody have any ideas what yellow is? ..also, what is the command
> for flashing red? ..

This isn't a MUD question.  This relates to ANSI.  Go look at the snippets
site ( **I think**), it has a document
that might be useful.  I personally didn't bother to look at it because
I've known the ANSI color codes by heart for a few years.

The code you are specifically looking for is \x1b[1m (\x1b is the hex. for
the ESC character).  If you make two macros like:

  #define KBLD 		(\x1b[1m)
  #define KFLSH		(\x1b[5m)

(and the duplicate CC and Q ones) in color.h, then you can do any of the
base 8 colors (30-37) with various effects which produce intense
variations of the 8 base colors, underlined (on monochrome monitors),
condensed (in ANSI specification for color last I looked, dunno of
anything that truely supports it, though), blinking, etc.  Like I said,
look at the ANSI code specification on the snipppet's site.


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