Re: [CODE] debugging tics not updated stuff

From: Craig Lisowski (
Date: 10/04/96

> I was wondering if the use of __LINE__ and __FILE__ could go into the
> signal_handler function thing of circle, but since there was no
> documentation or anything regarding __LINE__ and __FILE__ I am asking for
> some input here. It would be pretty handy if this works, to put it into
> the std. CircleMUD distribution :)

Yes, you can add it into signal_handler(), but the only thing that it will
report to you is the line number of where you inserted it. (ie:
it will point you to the line inside the signal_handler() routine).
Generally, its easier to run the mud under some sort of debuger and
set a break point inside the signal_handler. You can then examine the
call stack frame and see where you have your infinite loop at.

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