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Date: 10/04/96

On Sat, 5 Oct 1996, DJ Pure wrote:

> Excuse me,
> 		I'm having trouble finding where to change all the necessary places for
> when I change the
> immortal and pc max level. I've done the #define LVL_IMPL 60, but like the
> comment above that says in the code, I need to change the other places
> too. (it said to check the coding.doc, but it's still incomplete). My best
> guess for why it's crashing is that it needs to put an immplentors title
> (or later a pc's title) which hasn't been created in the title array. But
> then again, i havn't found an impletentors title array, so i'm assuming
> that when an implentor is created, then the title string is set to a
> default. Anyway .. any help on the areas i'll need to look into for
> chaning the max levels would be appreciated.
> Justin.
> Oh. PS. THANKS heaps Jeremy and Gary for your answers =) Now time to try
> some modifications =)
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  To add more levels is a lot of work, we just gor done putting in 111 
    First you have to gointo class.c and set the exp required for each level.
You must do this for each class. This is also where you put in the titles.
Then after you are done with that you must go into structs.h and define 
the highes level, (LVL_IMPL).
If you added aditional immortal levels you must go into dir /src/util and 
edit the autowiz file, autowiz.c I think.
There you must type in the god/imm defines such as LVL_IMPL.

If you removed a god level and changed it to something else you must go
through interpreter.c and everything else that defined that level and 
change to the new name (i.e. You take out LVL_IMPL and replace with 

             I believe this is all there is to it.
                     Good Luck.

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