[CODE][NEWBIE] Changing the PC / IMMORTAL levels

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 10/04/96

Excuse me,
		I'm having trouble finding where to change all the necessary places for
when I change the
immortal and pc max level. I've done the #define LVL_IMPL 60, but like the
comment above that says in the code, I need to change the other places
too. (it said to check the coding.doc, but it's still incomplete). My best
guess for why it's crashing is that it needs to put an immplentors title
(or later a pc's title) which hasn't been created in the title array. But
then again, i havn't found an impletentors title array, so i'm assuming
that when an implentor is created, then the title string is set to a
default. Anyway .. any help on the areas i'll need to look into for
chaning the max levels would be appreciated.


Oh. PS. THANKS heaps Jeremy and Gary for your answers =) Now time to try
some modifications =)

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