Re: clans
Date: 10/04/96

:P > ya know, i just used one of the spare ints in player_specials to store
:P > the players clan and created a simple do_join_clan command and made a
:P > GET_CLAN macro. 

:P Dynamic clan creation (eg., online creation of clans that can be
:P edited/deleted), 

not something i see as really critical :P
any new clans should probably initially exist as informal groups

:P clans with ranks, 

let the players in the clans administer their own ranks, and use the
title command to display them.  i don't see this as particularly good
to hard code in, although it really wouldn't be very difficult in any

:P clan halls, 

in do_simple, 
if ((world[ch->in_room].dir_option[dir]->to_room == room #) && 
    (GET_CLAN(ch) == CLAN_X))  
  return 0;
ok, so you have to know what the first room of a clan hall is, but
that is no big deal, imo.

:P and warring, 

like ranks, this is more of a role-play thing and shouldn't need any
hard coded rules for it.

:P pkill-only clans, 

depends on your type of mud.  mine is pkill for everyone, no
exceptions.  of course, everyone is also automatically in a clan, so
they theoretically have friends to help them out ;)

:P quests to enter clans, 

again, this is more of a role-playing thing, no need to code in
anything for this. 

:P clan lockers, clan banks, etc.

set these up to exist only in their clan hall areas, and since access
to these rooms is already resistricted (see above), they can just be
set up as per usual.

:P It's a bit more complex than doing a few defines.

doesn't have to be...
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