Saving Objects

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 10/04/96

	I've been trying to get players mud mail to save to disk when 
they rent.  But the problem is the message is of variable length and the 
rent file is a binary file.  Also, why do the objsave routines read the 
object from the saved virtual number?  This ruins any strings that were 
saved for the player (i.e. a special one shot Sword of XXX, made 
especially for XXX).  Anyone have any ideas about how to do this without 
having to make two separate files (one ascii for strings and another 
binary for numerical data)?  Should I just save all objects as ASCII files?

	Thanks for any advice in advance,

	- Sean

P.S.  Perhaps this should be added to the main release, along with set 
      commands to change strings on loaded objects...

Sean Mountcastle
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