Re: [code] Playerfile conversion

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 10/04/96

Well, I modified the play2to3.c to play3to3.c *grins*.  It's fairly
straight forward, basically reading the org. structs into your 'new'
structs.  If anyone interested, mail me.

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> > > > Hopefully we'll see ascii pfiles in the future.
> > > 
> > > Well, ascii playerfiles ain't all glory :P You can have people mess
> > > arround with it easily, and I've been told that on some operating systems
> > > it will use a tremendous amount of space, not to mention that a flexible
> > > ASCII player/obj/etc. file system would have to include a lot of 'fill'
> > > information, like what type of field you are loading/saving etc. Ofcourse
> > > the upside is, that it will (sometimes :P) be easier to add/delete entries
> > > in ascii file formats, and that the portability will be very high (unless
> > > some OS refuses to read ASCII pfiles *grin*).
> I have decided to move to ASCII playerfiles some time in the future, but I
> don't know when "the future" is.  I think the only good arguments against
> ASCII is that they took up too much time (e.g. for loads/saves) and space
> (e.g. because you have lots of small files instead of one big one).  The
> time/space argument isn't as valid now, though, because even desktop PC's
> are now much faster than the UNIX workstations I was using when I was
> first working on Circle.  Also, rent and alias files are already lots of
> small files so there will probably be a space savings anyway.
> ASCII files are easier to work with offline, much easier to extend (i.e. 
> to add new elements to the playerfile without having to wipe it), and can
> easily be moved to other operating systems.  This last part is
> particularly important, especially given the wide number of systems
> CircleMUD has now been ported to. 
> If I could snap my fingers and make ASCII playerfiles appear, I'd include 
> it in 3.0.  But since I can't, it'll have to wait.
> Jeremy
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