[CODE] Oasis OLC

From: Steve Reeves (dormammu@voicenet.com)
Date: 10/04/96

Hi everyone..

I recently installed OasisOLC on a more or less stock pl11 , and am having a
rather strange problem... the OLC causes the MUD to crash everytime I
attempt to save a mob.   None of the other editors [zedit, redit, etc.]
cause it to crash, just medit.  I was wondering if anyone else had this
problem?   I looked thru the code, but I couldn't find anything that should
be causing a crash.  And nothing suspicious showed up in the log files.  The
logs don't even record a crash.  [I would think they would.]  The only wierd
thing was a few rejections in structs.h, and I just patched everything in
manually, and it compiles with no errors or warnings so I'm assuming
everything is okay there.  If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this,
please let me know.  :>


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