[ADMIN} Survey of List Format

From: The Chuckster (wcarson@umr.edu)
Date: 10/05/96

Just curious, how many of you like the  prefix
inserted into the subject heading? IMHO it clusters
my mailbox and I cannot find a damn thing. I can deal with
the message added to the bottom of every post and reply, but
does everyone here enjoy reading  all the way down their
mailbox? I have 900 pieces of mail, I use elm, and it gets
pretty cluster f&&*#@^.

I know Alex takes time out of his busy day to maintain the list
so I want to thank him. I just wanted to see how everyone felt
about this. All mail readers have filters so you can pipe all
circle mail into a separate folder, so you know it is all circle
in that particuliar folder.

my two cento's


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