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From: Niese-Petersen (
Date: 10/05/96

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Niese-Petersen wrote:
> > > > Hopefully we'll see ascii pfiles in the future.
> > > Well, ascii playerfiles ain't all glory :P You can have people mess
> > Binary files aren't that glory either :)
> Hehe, right, I think I allso pointed that out. In my oppinion each of the
> two possibilities have different pros and cons, since I do not want this
> to devellop into some war about what is good or not, I would like to point
> out a little idea about what I ment, when I wrote the cryptic stuff about
> ASCII files:

Heh.. Know what you mean.. Just as the same good old war between people
who use Commodore Amiga and people who use a PC :)

> > I can't figure out where you got the idea, that it need fields of what
> > it have to save/load ? Never had use for that in my ASCII player files.
> > Ofcoz you have to make sure to load it in, in the order you saved it :)
> Well, I hope that we can agree, that the idea of using ASCII playerfiles,
> is to have a great deal of compatibility, thus building the playerfile
> format up like:
> con.plr   (playerfile for con ASCII format) looks like:
> Name: Con             (Logical :)
> Level: 110
> Title: the fuzzy ASCII playerfile argumenter
> .
> This would make EXTREMELY flexible playerfiles, where you could totaly
> mess up your playerfiles, and reorder them as you think they look the
> nicest, if the READING of those is done usinf SWITCH statements. Just like
> the systsem of identifying E mobile secifications BareHandDam, Str ...
> etc.
> That was what I ment when I said what I said. I think, that making an
> ascii playerfile, that simply looks like:
> Con
> 110
> the fuzzy ASCII playerfile argumenter
> Will not use the full potential of the usage of ASCII files, again this is
> just my oppinion, but debugging information/chopped playerfiles etc. would
> become a MILLION times easier...
> Just some food for thought.

Ok.. Can see your point, but one reason I use ASCII files is becoz of
the space I save.. And extra information like that, will just add up.
Thats why I take the chance and load/save in the same order :)

> > I saved space on my ASCII player files [at least 50%], and that was even
> > after I added around 170 bytes more to the player save info, than I had
> > when I used binary playerfile.
> Hm, well, in my version it would probably not save too much space
> anymore.. *grin* But since you allready implemented ASCII playerfile
> stuff, why not get in touch with Jeremy, and see if you can work out
> something so the ASCII playerfiles could go into the 3.0 release ?

Already emailed him.. No answer. But think I'll take 3.0bpl11 and write a
guildline+code for ASCII playerfiles. 

> [some OFF-TOPIC stuff]
> > :) Refuse reading ASCII files.. Haven't met the system yet. But then again
> > I wouldn't place a MUD on such system.
> Hehe, well, I was trying to see if someone was reacting on this. I mean,
> how about one of those old card reading computers, controlled by some
> human stuffing in MUD-cards :)

Heh.. Don't make people think, that Denmark still got those things lying
around :)  [Ville sgu ikke vaere en god reklame for os :)]

Erik Niese-Petersen
Aka Quint The typo God
Realms of Darkness IMP

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