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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 10/05/96

On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Niese-Petersen wrote:

> > > Hopefully we'll see ascii pfiles in the future.
> > Well, ascii playerfiles ain't all glory :P You can have people mess
> Binary files aren't that glory either :)

Hehe, right, I think I allso pointed that out. In my oppinion each of the
two possibilities have different pros and cons, since I do not want this
to devellop into some war about what is good or not, I would like to point
out a little idea about what I ment, when I wrote the cryptic stuff about
ASCII files:

> I can't figure out where you got the idea, that it need fields of what
> it have to save/load ? Never had use for that in my ASCII player files.
> Ofcoz you have to make sure to load it in, in the order you saved it :)

Well, I hope that we can agree, that the idea of using ASCII playerfiles,
is to have a great deal of compatibility, thus building the playerfile
format up like:

con.plr   (playerfile for con ASCII format) looks like:

Name: Con             (Logical :)
Level: 110
Title: the fuzzy ASCII playerfile argumenter

This would make EXTREMELY flexible playerfiles, where you could totaly
mess up your playerfiles, and reorder them as you think they look the
nicest, if the READING of those is done usinf SWITCH statements. Just like
the systsem of identifying E mobile secifications BareHandDam, Str ...
That was what I ment when I said what I said. I think, that making an
ascii playerfile, that simply looks like:

the fuzzy ASCII playerfile argumenter

Will not use the full potential of the usage of ASCII files, again this is
just my oppinion, but debugging information/chopped playerfiles etc. would
become a MILLION times easier...

Just some food for thought.

> I saved space on my ASCII player files [at least 50%], and that was even
> after I added around 170 bytes more to the player save info, than I had
> when I used binary playerfile.

Hm, well, in my version it would probably not save too much space
anymore.. *grin* But since you allready implemented ASCII playerfile
stuff, why not get in touch with Jeremy, and see if you can work out
something so the ASCII playerfiles could go into the 3.0 release ?

[some OFF-TOPIC stuff]

> :) Refuse reading ASCII files.. Haven't met the system yet. But then again
> I wouldn't place a MUD on such system.

Hehe, well, I was trying to see if someone was reacting on this. I mean,
how about one of those old card reading computers, controlled by some
human stuffing in MUD-cards :)


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