Re: [code] Playerfile conversion

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 10/06/96

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Niese-Petersen wrote:
> > > > Hopefully we'll see ascii pfiles in the future.
> > > Well, ascii playerfiles ain't all glory :P You can have people mess
> > Binary files aren't that glory either :)
> Hehe, right, I think I allso pointed that out. In my oppinion each of the
> ASCII files:
> Well, I hope that we can agree, that the idea of using ASCII playerfiles,
> is to have a great deal of compatibility, thus building the playerfile
> format up like:
> Name: Con             (Logical :)
> Level: 110
> Title: the fuzzy ASCII playerfile argumenter
> .

With all this ascii pfile talk going on, I started thinking about it, 
and it does have it's pro's and cons... what I've started it a little 
combination of both ascii and binary... for the most part the binary file 
will contain structs that aren't likely to change, and in the ascii files 
are things like poofin/out since only imms use it and there's no reason 
to eat up all that wasted space by adding it to the binary pfile for 

For anyone looking for an easy way to implement it, I just copied the mob 
espec code, and made some changes, and wrote a quick little routine for 
saving it.


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