Re: [code] Playerfile conversion

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/06/96

> With all this ascii pfile talk going on, I started thinking about it, 
> and it does have it's pro's and cons... what I've started it a little 
> combination of both ascii and binary... for the most part the binary file 
> will contain structs that aren't likely to change, and in the ascii files 
> are things like poofin/out since only imms use it and there's no reason 
> to eat up all that wasted space by adding it to the binary pfile for 
> everyone.
> For anyone looking for an easy way to implement it, I just copied the mob 
> espec code, and made some changes, and wrote a quick little routine for 
> saving it.

That's what the 'etext' system is (that's in bpl12) - it uses a text file
in conjunction with the binary playerfile to save stuff like aliases,
poofin/poofout, etc.  Eventually I'd just like to do away with all these
files (i.e. the binary file, the etext file, and the rent file) and
combine all 3 into a single ASCII playerfile. 

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