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From: Justin Robinson - Primacy (
Date: 10/06/96

Well, here's a strange idea I've been working on, I'm sure someone 
thought of it and discarded it already.  Anyways, here goes:

    Whenever each character SAVES, or dies, or anything of 
significance happens, a routine called do_reimb_save(), or something 
like that, is called.  What this does is take all important 
information...str, str_add, dex, int, gold, exp, skill/spell learned 
info, etc. and save it to a file.  Maybe:  

Now, whenever a playerfile gets wiped - or the mud crashes, and a 
character finds that their stats are out of whack, they can type 
`reimb' and it will read in all this information and restore their 
previous stats.  Now, a few safety notes.  To keep people from taking 
over other people's characters, mainly gods/imp chars is what I'm 
worried about.  What if you ask the player to type this:
           reimb <old password>
where the <old password> would be the password of whenever the reimb 
data was saved.

This would save on player reimbursements - you could wipe the 
playerfile at will.

I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this idea - and if there are 
any forseeable problems to doing this.  I've already started writing 
the framework, but I would rather know if I'm doing a BAD thing 
before I finish :)

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