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From: John C. Dodds (
Date: 10/06/96


I think this would be bad, what if you saved came back on gave all your
stuff to someone else and then reimbursed yourself?

now there are two sets of your eq running around.

just my 2 cents.


> From:; Justin Robinson - Primacy
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> Subject: Auto Reimbursement...
> Date: Sunday, October 06, 1996 2:26 PM
> Well, here's a strange idea I've been working on, I'm sure someone 
> thought of it and discarded it already.  Anyways, here goes:
>     Whenever each character SAVES, or dies, or anything of 
> significance happens, a routine called do_reimb_save(), or something 
> like that, is called.  What this does is take all important 
> information...str, str_add, dex, int, gold, exp, skill/spell learned 
> info, etc. and save it to a file.  Maybe:  
> ../lib/reimb_data/(CHARACTER_NAME).reimb
> Now, whenever a playerfile gets wiped - or the mud crashes, and a 
> character finds that their stats are out of whack, they can type 
> `reimb' and it will read in all this information and restore their 
> previous stats.  Now, a few safety notes.  To keep people from taking 
> over other people's characters, mainly gods/imp chars is what I'm 
> worried about.  What if you ask the player to type this:
>            reimb <old password>
> where the <old password> would be the password of whenever the reimb 
> data was saved.
> This would save on player reimbursements - you could wipe the 
> playerfile at will.
> I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this idea - and if there are 
> any forseeable problems to doing this.  I've already started writing 
> the framework, but I would rather know if I'm doing a BAD thing 
> before I finish :)
> Thanks!
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