From: Jeff Bostick (callak@geocities.com)
Date: 10/06/96

Hi ya'll

I'd kinda want to mess around with the output of the look function when
you look at someone, but without screwing it up. Instead of the basic
format, I'd like this:

Things with a * are other things I'd also like to implement. I'm not a
code guru, so I kinda depend ON the code gurus.
You see [Name] [Last Name*] the [race] [title]. He/She is [citizen*]
He/She has [eyecolor*] eyes and [hair color*] [hair style*], (and has a
[feature color*] [other feature*]). He/She is about [age] years old.

He/She wields a [wield item], a [shield item], and a [light item].

He/She is wearings [list wearable items].


You see Gonads Boobalexs the dwarven wizard. He is an Invalian Atheist.
He has grey eyes and grey, blading hair, and has a grey, flowing beard.
He is about 123 years old.

He wields a batle axe, a iron shield, and a orb of light.

He is wearing a dark cape of Boobalexs, black, steel toed orc boots, and
leather tunic,
a wolverine-fur sack, a steel dwarf helm, some speedos, a crystal
pendant, a metal
aventail, a pin that reads: "Embed Scrolls - 5K each", and a pair of
puma-hide gloves.

I'd also like to get rid of the description function, and move the title
from the name
to the 'description' you see above. I kinda think it annoying to see
"Gonads the Wizard walks in". Of course, maybe I'm thinking DikuMUD when
I say most of this. Sometimes I get confused between CM and DM (I play
multiple MUDs of both types).

I'm looking for Code Gurus and dedicated builders to help with this MUD,
which doesn't even have a telnet yet. 


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