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Date: 10/07/96

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Jeff Bostick wrote:

> Hi ya'll

  One suggestion:  LEARN TO CODE.  Everything you listed can be EASILY
  accomplished by knowledge of the 'sprintf()' command.  You shouldn't
  be in charge of, running, or coding on a MUD if you haven't any clue
  on how to code.

> to the 'description' you see above. I kinda think it annoying to see
> "Gonads the Wizard walks in". Of course, maybe I'm thinking DikuMUD when
> I say most of this. Sometimes I get confused between CM and DM (I play
> multiple MUDs of both types).
> I'm looking for Code Gurus and dedicated builders to help with this MUD,
> which doesn't even have a telnet yet. 

  Hello?  Are you awake?  CircleMUD _is_ a DIKUMUD and resembles stock
  DIKU very closely interface wise.  In fact, the only big differences
  between Circle and DIKU is the code and the stability.

  ...and stop saying, "Code Gurus," no-one in their right mind   would
  refer to themselves as a "Code Guru" unless they were an absolute 12
  year old, no-nothing, asshole whom thinks they are greatest thing in
  the world since the invention of blondes with great figures...

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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