From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 10/07/96

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996 wrote:

> > 
> > Anybody using oasis olc:
> > 
> > When you use zedit, and create a new command, what does the option that says
> > 'remove an object from a room' do? ..Why do they have that option? ..later
> Why not? I mean, think of the possibilities... *shrugs* Can be helpful in 
> automated quests and such, when you have to bring an item to a room, and 
> then use an if flag... remove the original item from the room, if that 
> command is successful, then load a different object to a room, or a 
> mob... There are a lot of possibilities here but I will leave that to 
> your own imagination...

I've seen it mostly used if something loads inside a container on the 
ground (like a desk or something), and you want that something to only 
load once in that container, but load every reset, just remove the desk a 
nd put in a new one...

But if memory serves, stock circle doesn't load the R command from the 
zon file. (At least it didn't in bpl10)


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