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From: Derek L. Karnes (
Date: 10/07/96

Primacy wrote:
> > If you reimb xp, couldn't you go fight and die a billion times, then
> > reimb your xp after the mob finally died? I guess you could reimb levels
> > (with the game's initial needed_exp_to_level) but even then you run into
> > the same problem.. A player could die until he was a bazillion pts to
> > level, then reimb himself back to the game's initial needed_exp_to_level
> > number, again negating the bad affects of death.
> But what if you had a reimb do a backup/save everytime a character died.
> Would that eliminate that problem?

For stats yeah.
Only problem i see with that is if they die as an unreimbursed newbie.. then 
they are saved as a level 1 with just a few xp.

> > Only problem I see is that a player could borrow an item from a friend
> > and rent with it, and a god would think he had it since it shows up in
> > the "copy" of the rentfile.
> But then when his friend saved without it - he wouldn't get it.  Reimb
> files should be written at every save, and death, and level gain.

Why would he save without it? He would just wait until his friend came back 
in the game and gave it to him, then save. Reimb files would have to be wrriten at 
every save, death, level gain, give, get, etc ad nauseum, to guarantee no duping. I 
think the best one could hope for would be a "recent" backup.. not a backup of the 
moment before the spurious file wipe. 
If you write the file at "every save, and death, and level gain" you could be writing
VERY often depending on how often they save, and have to keep a multitude of backups 
to prevent unreimbed newbies from overwriting their own files.

> Another idea is the ability to turn reimb on/off.
> reimb on
> ReImb is now active.
> reimb off
> ReImb is now disabled.
> That way you could control wether or not reimbs were allowed.

Good idea.

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