Re: Re: Auto Reimbursement...

From: Primacy (
Date: 10/07/96

> If you reimb xp, couldn't you go fight and die a billion times, then
> reimb your xp after the mob finally died? I guess you could reimb levels
> (with the game's initial needed_exp_to_level) but even then you run into
> the same problem.. A player could die until he was a bazillion pts to
> level, then reimb himself back to the game's initial needed_exp_to_level
> number, again negating the bad affects of death. 
But what if you had a reimb do a backup/save everytime a character died.  
Would that eliminate that problem?

> Only problem I see is that a player could borrow an item from a friend
> and rent with it, and a god would think he had it since it shows up in
> the "copy" of the rentfile.
But then when his friend saved without it - he wouldn't get it.  Reimb 
files should be written at every save, and death, and level gain.

Another idea is the ability to turn reimb on/off.

reimb on  
ReImb is now active.

reimb off
ReImb is now disabled.

That way you could control wether or not reimbs were allowed.


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