RE: [CODE] Switching victims in attacks

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 10/08/96

>Nothing like having high level mobs switch to newbies .. Makes
>life a bit more interesting for everyone :-)

Exactly, that's why I've got these things implemented.  What better way to
stop high level players from taking newbies on 'XP runs' then to have a mob
that kills any low lwvel in the room.

>Might want to consider a skill to allow players the same ability...

Why a skill?  I have the ability to change opponents already, and I see no
need to have it as a skill.  If you think about it, switching who you
attack would NOT be a skill.  Even a low level mage would know how to
direct an attack so that it goes after someone else. It's also a waste of
skill slots.  I am almost maxxed out as it is with skills and spells :)

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