Re: [CODE][newbie] Missing the spell actions

From: Curtiss Cicco (
Date: 10/08/96

On Tue, 08 Oct 1996 23:57:38 +0200 you said:
>Well, going through a more interessting fase of the coding after we
>expanded the mud to 104 levels (100 mortal + 4 god) we're now trying to
>implement more spells, strangely enough, our spells work, but we get no
>action out of them, as in e.g. the fireball hits your target with full
>force .. blahblah. Can't seem to find it anywhere, am i missing the
>ovious or???

  Look in misc/messages to see what you need to add.

>btw, anyone have an idea how to make a backstab that actually can KILL a
>mob in one blow?? (more chance if mob is sleeping, or something like
   This would work with a critical success/failure system implemented.
For example, after the spell/skill check is made you can do a critical
check based on a number roll of 1-20, ie. a 1 would mean a failure in
which you would roll to see what type of failure it is, then for a roll
of 20 you would roll to see what type of critical success it is.

-- Curtiss
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