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Date: 10/08/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, The Arrow wrote:

> If you compare these two methods, the first one will let all chars have
> their (pssible) first attack, then goes through the list again, letting
> all have their (possible) second attack, and so on. I.e. all the possible
> attacks will get mixed.
> The second method will let one char have all its possible attacks done,
> before the opponent gets his attacks, i.e. each char can easily spot his
> own attacks.
> It is of course a matter of personal preference on how to have it.
> I have it the first way, and have all chars have their attacks mixed.

  Having mixed attacks via that method results in looping through the
  combat list a multitude of times.  When you have a large number of
  players online, many of whom might be fighting, looping through this
  list 3 or 4 times is not extremely efficient.  If you really want to
  mix attacks, add the two or three more lines neccessary to just switch
  back and forth between the two players inside of the loop.  You don't
  need to traverse the loop four times to get mixed quad-hits, just
  randomly switch to FIGHTING(ch) hitting (ch) and back -- it's not that
  difficult if you think about it.

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