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From: The Arrow (
Date: 10/08/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Admin of The Keep wrote:

>   Having mixed attacks via that method results in looping through the
>   combat list a multitude of times.  When you have a large number of
>   players online, many of whom might be fighting, looping through this
>   list 3 or 4 times is not extremely efficient.  If you really want to
>   mix attacks, add the two or three more lines neccessary to just switch
>   back and forth between the two players inside of the loop.  You don't
>   need to traverse the loop four times to get mixed quad-hits, just
>   randomly switch to FIGHTING(ch) hitting (ch) and back -- it's not that
>   difficult if you think about it.

It will of course work, but then you must add some kind of list where you
add every FIGHTING(ch), or else he/she will get to fight twice!
Also, if there are many PCs fighting a single mob, then you can't just
simply switch between ch and FIGHING(ch).
On my old (and my to be) mud, mobs can have up to ten attacks, and I admit
it may be ineffective calling perform_violence() ten times, but I think
its the most generic and simple way of getting intermixed attacks.

Any feedback from the list would be appreciated! :)

/ Joachim

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