Re: [ADMIN] Running Circle as Root?

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 10/08/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996 wrote:

> new MUD/WWW server and don't want to run a program as large and complex as
> Circle as root if at all possible...I tried running it in Linux as user
> 123, but it complianed about not having access to a file (don't remember
> which one), then died.  Any ideas?

  Familiarize yourself with the permissions system.  You probably untarred
  it as root and ran configure and make as root, thus all files in the
  Circle directory are owned by root and cannot be played with by lesser
  users.  The option: either have user 123 untar, run configure, and make
  or change the owner (chown) and any other neccessary permissions to fit
  user 123.

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