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Date: 10/08/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Cyanide wrote:

> Some questions about OLC:
> What do the following mob edit options do:
> Numdamdice, Numhpdice, Sizedamdice, Sizehpdice

  Dice-based RPG systems use the format XdY to identify rolling of dice,
  where X is the number of dice and Y is the sides of the dice.  This is
  how CircleMUD calculates hitpoints for mobiles, so 3d4 gives a range of
  3-12 hitpoints (the minimum is when all dies roll 1, the maximum is when
  all dies roll 4).  2d4 damage does 2-8 damage.

> What do the following room edit options do:
> Tunnel, House, Hcrsh, Atrium, Olc, *

  Tunnel permits only one person in the room at a time.  The rest of
  the flags should not be fooled with (Olc, however, does nothing, yet,
  and is in the standard CircleMUD distribution for the standard OLC
  that may be finished with Circle3.1.  House/Atrium are both set by
  the hcontrol command and * (the BFS mark) and Hcrash are both set by the
  code when needed.

> And how do you go about deleting zones and/or deleting rooms out of a zone?
> ..thanks later

  Uhhm, I don't think Oasis nor Obuild support this; although I can't
  imagine why...   It'd of cours be a one-thousand times easier to
  implement something like that with dynamic allocation, but... :)

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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