From: Sammy (
Date: 10/09/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Gary Barnett wrote:

> >> And how do you go about deleting zones and/or deleting rooms out of a zone?
> >> ..thanks later
> >
> >  Uhhm, I don't think Oasis nor Obuild support this; although I can't
> >  imagine why...   It'd of cours be a one-thousand times easier to
> >  implement something like that with dynamic allocation, but... :)
> One easy way might be to  add a flag to a room 'IS_DELETED' then have a
> check in redit_save_to_disk to skip rooms with the flag. 
> Of course you'd need to do a 'show errors' after the reboot to see what room
> exits were affected..

I've always felt that there wasn't much reason to delete things that you 
can easily reuse but it's nice to be able to clean house sometimes.  I 
just added mob and object deleteion to obuild, but haven't started room 
deletion yet.

You can get away with leaving the exits as is (unlike the merc 
derivitives I've seen) but the problem with that is if you add a new room 
with the same number as the old one, those old exits will be pointing 
where you might not want them to.  You can make a simple loop to fix all 
the exits.  I haven't decided whether obuild will fix rooms in zones the 
builder doesn't have access to (can't see any harm in it) or list the 
rooms that need fixing to the syslog.

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