Weapon skill questions

From: Mud Admin (empire@www.cedarnet.com)
Date: 10/10/96

I would like to add weapon skils for all chracters in my MUD, such as 
slashing, piercing, bludgeoning and unarmed. Also, these skills should 
get better with use (in combat) but I am having problems getting started 
with what I need to be pointing at. (I guess)

Looking in the fight code, it looked like hit was the place to do this...

What I need to do is look and see the value of the weapon that is being 
wielded by the character and then after the hitroll is made, if it was a 
good enough roll they can gain in skill also.

code as follows:

    if (!IS_NPC(ch) {
       if (GET_OBJ_VAL(GET_EQ(ch, WEAR_WIELD), 3) != TYPE_PIERCE - 
       send_to_char("You are using the piercing skill in combat.\r\n", ch);
       using = SKILL_PIERCE;
       else (!wielded) {
       send_to_char("You are unarmed!\r\n", ch);
       using = SKILL_UNARMED;

When I start combat I get a sec fault. (I am not really suprised.) But I 
was wondering if anyone had been down this road before and if there were 
any tips or suggestions...


--Ziz, NetShamen

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