Re: [Code] Core dumps

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/10/96

> > Hi-
> > 
> >    Can someone Please help me.  All i did was remove
> > Nosummon, and add my afk do_gen_tog to Interpreter.c
> > and it all compiled fine but when it links i get a 
> > Core dump:(
> > 
> > But then if i compile the mud again, it went away. Ive
> > had this  happen to me twice. ANy ideas what kind of problems
> > cause core dumps??
> > 
> Did you have a mud running at the time you compiled? I've experienced the same
> under Solaris, that if you overwrite the executable, you will get a coredump.
> So, it probably doesn't have anything to do with your code.

Regarding core dumps and text file busy messages when trying to compile
while the mud is running, try this, it's what I did:

Change all refrences to circle in your Makefile to (so instead oc
compiling circle  the file it compiles is called

Then add this to the beginning of your autorun file (right after the
while(1) line:

  if(-r bin/ then
    rm bin/circle
    mv bin/ bin/circle

That way, when the mud reboots, if exists, it will move it over
to circle and run the new version... that way you can compile without any
annoying errors, and everything handles itself.

Another nifty tip by Hades :P
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