Re: [CODE] Problem with Thief Special Procedure

From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 10/11/96

Hi !

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Brian Menges wrote:

> I'm having a problem with the thief special procedure, actually this
> problem seems to affect any special procedure where mobiles are
> supposed to do someting on their own.  Let me try to explain what I
> mean by that.  Both the thief and snake special procedures aren't 
> working.  I know that the mud recognizes the special procedure but
> when it checks to see if a command has been entered it exists
> the special procedure.  Here is the code (I think this should be
> standard circle code - minus my log entries of course :)

The trick is that the thief is not supposed to react to commands any
player uses. Instead, he is called each 'mob tick' (ie.: when they
try to move and stuff), with a cmd equal to 0 and will thus pass
the 'if (cmd) return FALSE;' part. If your thief never gets to the
rest of the spec_proc check if 'MOB_SPEC' is set for that mob. 

See ya !

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