[CODE] Problem with Thief Special Procedure

From: Brian Menges (bmenges@mail.arc.nasa.gov)
Date: 10/10/96

I'm having a problem with the thief special procedure, actually this
problem seems to affect any special procedure where mobiles are
supposed to do someting on their own.  Let me try to explain what I
mean by that.  Both the thief and snake special procedures aren't 
working.  I know that the mud recognizes the special procedure but
when it checks to see if a command has been entered it exists
the special procedure.  Here is the code (I think this should be
standard circle code - minus my log entries of course :)

  struct char_data *cons;

  log("DEBUG: Thief Special Procedure recognized");
  if(cmd)                     <------- NEVER GETS PAST THIS LINE
    return FALSE; 

  log("DEBUG: Inside Thief Special Procedure");
    return FALSE;
  log("DEBUG: Inside Thief Special - looking for victims");

  for(cons = world[ch->in_room].people; cons; cons = cons->next_in_room)
    if(!IS_NPC(cons) && (GET_LEVEL(cons) < LVL_DEMI) && !(number(0, 1))) 
      npc_steal(ch, cons);
      return TRUE;
  return FALSE;

   Any ideas why it wouldn't be getting past the 'if(cmd)' line.  If I
comment this line out then of course any commands that a player types
in at the room the mobile is in will be ignored.  

-Brian aka Haddixx

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