From: Cyanide (
Date: 10/12/96

At 10:38 AM 10/12/96 EDT, you wrote:
>> Can someone give me explicit instructions on which file i have to edit, and
>> what I have to change to do the following:
>> #1. Stop mobs from moving when you are switched into them.
>mobact.c - find the part that checks if the mob is flagged with 
>ACT_SENTINEL and add a check to see if they are switched.
>> #2. If you quit while wizinvis, It doesn't show 'Losing Player: Player name'
>> in the syslog.
>What version of the code are you using, 2.20? I think this was fixed a 
>long time ago.  This is in the FAQ.
Wait hmm ...let me rephrase #2

If you quit while wizinvis, I want it to _NOT_ show 'Losing Player: Player
name' ..
The reason for this is, I don't want anybody to know I left or came.
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