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Date: 10/12/96

On Sat, 12 Oct 1996 wrote:

> I changed the damroll and hitroll from bytes to sh_int's
> ion structs.h to allow higher damrolls. The problem is
> that they do not save, and when player come back into
> the game, they are at 0 regardless of eq and etc..
> What else do I need to midify to allow this change to
> workd properly?
> I am guessing db.c but cannot find where.

  Well, figuring that dam rolls/hit rolls were never saved before... :)
  Besides which, why would you ever WANT a player to have a damn roll
  higher than 127?!  I mean, +20, +20 damroll/hitroll are damn good,
  anything higher than that is ridiculously high.

  Some people forget a good rule: More is not always better, what is
  better is when something is balanced so that 0 damroll doesn't mean
  you suck, and 20 damroll means you are pretty good; In current stock
  Circle 20 damroll makes you DAMN good -- adding more without adjusting
  mobiles, etc. will lead to severe unbalance.  Like players need *more*
  of an advantage over mobiles?

  BTW, there's no reason to save damroll, whatever damroll affects, etc.
  is on eq or spells.  Spells are saved so affects reload and they keep
  their eq so rewearing it will get them back to their old damroll.  But
  if you really want to have damroll that you can save (eg., additions
  made as a reward), then use two of the spares in the player_data_saved
  structure (or whatever it is with the spares) and make dam_add, hit_add
  then have setting the damroll/etc. put the ADDITIONS to the damroll/
  hitroll into the dam_add and hit_add and save that.  Then when the
  player logs in have it add the dam_add and hit_add in.  It's much less
  complex than having to subtract away the affects to the rolls.

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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