Debugging OasisOLC

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 10/12/96

	This probably will sopund newbie-ish to some people but how can I 
go about using gdb to track down some of the memory crash bugs in OasisOLC?
Trying to use core files cause the crash is always in soem malloc related 
fucntion or just ?? with some memory address (yes I compile with -g, 
seems only memory related crashes show a bunch of ?? entries in the core 
file).  Is there some way to track how the memory is being changed so I 
can figure out what function is causing the problem? I am running Linux 
and although I had more crashes on the Solaris system I was on, I still 
get crashes like this _sometimes_ when using zedit new.  Even if it does 
crash tho all files are properly created, it just crashes a second after 
I type the command.  Any one have any suggestions. 
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