AD: Danacus
Date: 10/13/96

Hello, I am a new Implementor (Yes I know C, how to build yaddy yaddy).
I would just like to take this chance to describe my mud.
It has really nice ansi color. 100 Levels for mortals and 4 for Immortals.
(101-104). I've been modifing, adding, changing code alot in the last
couple of days, and I am always eager to get an idea for my mud.
Besides me there are 2 other Implementor's (one more c coder, and the main
level builder). Right now I've only added one class, but am thinkin about
adding a vampire class or such.
        Just come by an visit us at : 4000 : This mud is in beta
since it's barley been out.

        p.s. I find it funny how alot of people ask C questions that you
should know if your gona admin a mud. Just something you should know, be
stupid to try to get away with it. Anyway this list looks pretty smooth,
just thought I'd intro myself.

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