Re: Question concerning Obuild..

From: Sammy (
Date: 10/14/96

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, The Chuckster wrote:

- I have installed obuild and until recently have only used
- the room editor with no problems except it adds ^M 's to
- every line in the room descripts when I edit them. Is 
- there a way to eliminate this annoying problem?

If you don't have version .06 I coulda swore it was fixed in that

- Also, I have added more value[X] slots to my object files. 
- The probelm here is that if I edit an object with the online
- editor and save it, it removes all the extra values from each
- object and sets them to the stock circle amount of 4 values.
- This is extremely annoying because then that file will not
- load and the mud will not boot. I have to go in by hand and
- reset all of them. How would I alter the build file to 
- prevent this. I have looked over the file but cannot come
- up with anything.

It's pretty easy to do.  Look for the old object values in copy_object and
objs_to_file so all the value variables are copied to the prototype and
aded to the file.


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