<Rookie> Displaying Race

From: Daniel (itech2@sonnet.com)
Date: 10/14/96

I have set up the race code per the instructions in the race.doc; 
however, I can not get the SCORE command to display the race of a 
character.  I put the GET_RACE(ch) in with the GET_NAME(ch) and 
GET_TITLE(ch) so that it would display the Name Race title....but it 
didn't work.  the effect that I am looking for is that when you type SC 
or SCORE you see a line like this:

  "Damion the Human Warrior" or better yet....
  "You are proud to be a(n) Elf"

I am also in the process of trying to put the race on the WHO listing...I 
want it to look like:

         [1 Wa <Human>]  Chains the mighty Warrior.

Anyone caring to help me out would be much appreciated.

Oh, and I tried to set my Paladin's alignment to 1000 at start up but it 
didn't work, can someone suggest some code....I tried:

           case CLASS_PALADIN;
           GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) = 1000;

But it didn't work.....any ideas??

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