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From: Daniel (
Date: 10/14/96

> 1.  I have made a Paladin class and am working on Anti-Paladin's and
> Bard's.  My question is: how can I make it so that if a Paladin is not
> of good align, he/she loses the ability to cast spells and use skills?

  I suppose you could write a special procedure that would demote the 
Paladin to a Warrior by changing class as the penalty is set forth in 

> 3.  I also have implamented races but i cannot get classes to be race
> restricted.  I have looked at two people's codes and mine looks similar
> but it doesn't work.

  How far are your races implemented??  I have my races in, but you can't 
tell what race anyone is, the descriptors are there and I have tried to 
throw in a few but was rejected....That and the Implementor can't use the 
set command to change the race either.....Kind of annoying, if ya know 
what I mean.
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