[CODE] Mobs tracking PCs

From: Brian StJohn (bsj@icbdfab1.fc.hp.com)
Date: 10/14/96

Hi everyone.

I have a huge task I want to implement on my mud.  Only problem is, I have
no idea of where to begin.  I have a certain mob, who is extremely hard to
kill.  But, lets say that one day a group of pc's come along and kill him,
reaping the many rewards he has to offer being dead.  

Little known to the pc's, the mob they just killed has six brothers and
sisters who don't want him dead.  So, they decide to seek out the one
person who actually killed him, and revenge themselves upon him.

So, my question(s) is(are) :

1) How to let the other mobs know that they are to kill him.  (a flag 

2) I want the mobs to be able to remember the person even if he/she logs
   off, and continue to hunt them once they get back on. (They will forget
   about them if the mud reboots)

3) And finally, how do they get back to thier respective zones..hm..just had
   an idea...but I would still like to hear from you all. =)

	Thanks in advance for everyone's help and flames =)


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