From: Devastations Mud Admin-Team (
Date: 10/14/96

   I am having a problem I cant seem to figure out.
There was a char created by a IMP, perhapps a test char or something.
We have 111 levels total (100 mort, 11 immort).

Anyways this char was advanced to level 108 for some reason but then was
set back down to level 1. When we reset the wizlist though he still is
displayed at level 108(assistant imp).

So First I checked the wizlist file in dir lib/text and erased his
name but when I reloaded the wizlist his name reapperead on it.

Next test I did was to set him at a different immort level and reset it.
I set him at level 101 (immortal) and reset the wizlist and sure enough
the char was displayed on wizlist as both assistant imp (108) and 
immortal (101). I tried this with setting him at another immortal level 
such as 106 and it erased the wizlist display for 101 and showed him at 
108 and 106 so I know its something to do with the level 108 but this 
doesn't happen to other chars.

Any Ideas on what to do?


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