Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Embalmer code

From: John Doe (
Date: 10/14/96

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Stefan Jakobsson wrote:
> Anyone solved the problem with getting the embalmers bags to be rentable?
> I've been pouring over the code and the only solution i can see is to 
> allow corpses to be rented, but doesn't that cause a whole new set of 
> problems?
> Reg, Stefan (aka Slite)
> PhoneyMud IMP

The one way to do it (I made the spec... and decided that it wasn't
particularly useful to have them rentable.) is to change the code so it
loads an obj that has a valid vnum, changes the descriptions on the obj
loaded instead of the corpse (make sure not to accidentally free the
prototype :P), extract the corpse, and then find a way to save the
descriptions on the obj itself, which can probably be done by meddling
with the rent files... heh... Or, you could use one of the spares in the
pfile to store the vnum of the mob killed and related to the bag, and do
the same above but edit the obj description when the player enters the
game, but that's really not such a good idea :P, and you would be limited
to however many spots you set aside from the pfile spares. 

  - mendar

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