Re: patched.src 1.1.ta... problems with...

From: Stefan Jakobsson (
Date: 10/16/96

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Scott AJ wrote:
> Has anyone succesfully downloaded this file from the web page and
> installed it?
>  I had sereval errors and it refused to install, and after consultation
> with the chap who made it added a few lines to the makefile.
>  Now i get this error:
> Makefile:220: *** missing seperator.
> Or something very similar to that...
> Anyone else encountered this? Anyone know how to fix it?

*nod* I've had the same problem, I solved mine by doing the makefile 
right (as in)

ident.o: ident.c conf.h sysdep.h structs.h utils.h comm.h db.h ident.h
        $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) ident.c
This is a tab, you can't use spaces here, then you get the above error.

Reg, Stefan

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