casting times
Date: 10/16/96

i've been trying to add in casting time for spells, but failing
miserably :P

i added a new variable to the spell_info struct called int cast_time,
then altered spello to read in this cast_time variable for all the
spells.  added the values for cast_time to all the spello calls in

then, i tried numerous different things, but none of them worked.
i started in do_cast, and right before the line:
  if (number(0, 101) > GET_SKILL(ch, spellnum)) {  

i put in the line:

then i tried putting in that line in cast_spell, which didn't work,
and tried putting it in call_magic (along with a check for 
casttype == CAST_SPELL) but that didn't work either.

by not working, i mean that there is no delay before the spell is
cast :(
any ideas?

and while i'm on the subject of casting times, has anybody added in a
PULSE_SPELL to handle spell casting? 
might there be any benefits to doing so?
inquiring minds want to know :)

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