Re: casting times

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 10/18/96

Well this is one of the weak parts of circle, all spells and skills are
instant..and then there is a delay (make that period of time where player 
can't do anything). If you want a much nicer, and more realistic  system,
where you can set delays before the spell hits, code an event
driven system.  It's just so much nicer......


On Wed, 16 Oct 1996 wrote:

> i've been trying to add in casting time for spells, but failing
> miserably :P
> i added a new variable to the spell_info struct called int cast_time,
> then altered spello to read in this cast_time variable for all the
> spells.  added the values for cast_time to all the spello calls in
> spell_parser.c.
> then, i tried numerous different things, but none of them worked.
> i started in do_cast, and right before the line:
>   if (number(0, 101) > GET_SKILL(ch, spellnum)) {  
> i put in the line:
>   WAIT_STATE(ch, (PULSE_VIOLENCE * SINFO.cast_time))
> then i tried putting in that line in cast_spell, which didn't work,
> and tried putting it in call_magic (along with a check for 
> casttype == CAST_SPELL) but that didn't work either.
> by not working, i mean that there is no delay before the spell is
> cast :(
> any ideas?
> and while i'm on the subject of casting times, has anybody added in a
> PULSE_SPELL to handle spell casting? 
> might there be any benefits to doing so?
> inquiring minds want to know :)
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