Re: [ADMIN] Copyright issues

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 10/16/96

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Ebon Mists wrote:

> Just so you know, you cannoy copyright something just by placing a Copyright
> blah blah on it. Unless you went through the proper legal channels, your
> area is not copyrighted.

  Quite the contrary, something is copyrighted even if you don't put
  "Copyright" on it, don't register it, and don't say, "All rights
  reserved."  Whatever you write is assumed to be the copyrighted
  property of you UNLESS you SPECIFICALLY state that it is public
  domain.  This complies with many other countries' laws whom also
  go by the rules set forth by the Berne Convention.  SO, the area is
  copyrighted, no matter if he registered it or even put "Copyright"
  on it.  And, BTW, "(c)" is not recognized as a legal symbol.

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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