Re: [CODE] Guilds

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 10/17/96

>Some of my players have asked for guilds, does anyone have something already
>written, or is this something I need to write from scratch :(
  If you goto the CircleMUD FTP site, there is some Guild code there.  I
just got it 
last night, but haven't had a chance to look thru it yet.  Just look for the
files that start
with "guild" and that's them.  :>

There's also a couple modified code bases out there [Strom's Lost Lands is
the only one I can think of off hand] that had guilds in it, as well as tons
of other stuff.  Good for reference to see how to do stuff.  [I wouldn't
reccomend just 'dropping in' the code, tho.. as it probably won't work 100%,
and any changes you made will be overwritten.]


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